Clean beauty formulated in France & made in the USA

At Beauty by Code we blend the French cosmetic expertise with the power of American innovation. By combining the best European skincare formulations with our determination to solve the real skin problems, we have developed trusted products using ethically sourced ingredients.

If you are a busy woman with flair and determined to look your best every day, we have high quality skincare products that are safe and scientifically proven to work. We're bringing the perfection of the French complexion to your skincare routine.

Why Beauty by Code?

  • Every woman's skin has its own code. Each skin type needs a specialized formulation to accomplish flawless beauty. At Beauty by Code, our products are individually produced for a specific type of skin. We don't sell products for “all skin types” because we know that your skin, dry, combination, or oily, requires a precise blend of ingredients in a careful ratio.
  • After trying endless products promising to help with her oily skin, Beauty by Code's founder was frustrated by ongoing troubles with breakouts due to products that weren't fitted to her skin type. As part of the natural aging process, women realize that having products of enduring quality is the only way to match our skin's specific needs.

Our Process

Beauty by Code has a 6-step process for vetting our formulations and manufacturing processes:

Ingredient transparency

All ingredients used in our formulations are listed on our product packaging. We also comply with EU allergen disclosures.

Responsible materials sourcing

Our labs in France and the United States source our ingredients responsibly and adhere to our code of conduct and transparency rules.

Quality assurance and testing by independent labs

International regulators tend to have more rigorous policies than the US for chemical ingredient use for the cosmetic industry. At Beauty by Code we have chosen to adhere to European regulatory criteria and we follow their clean beauty standards. We strive to exceed minimum standards as we provide innovative products that keep your skin beautiful, vibrant, and healthy.

Partners and suppliers with a code of conduct mirroring our values

Our formulas are safe, tested, and effective. Our customers trust our commitment to ethical research, sourcing, and production processes. Our brand focuses on sustainability and care for the environment, our health, animals, and each other.

Commitment to increasing our use of organic ingredients

All formulations are created by chemists and beauty industry professionals in France. We work closely with our partner laboratories in Aquitaine and Bretagne to perfect the excellence of European cosmetic knowledge and standards, bringing innovative and efficacious skincare products to the American woman who wants healthy, vibrant skin.

Using EU regulatory standards for clean beauty

Our manufacturing process is located in the US. We appreciate the leading-edge, innovative approach our labs in California, Texas, and Colorado bring to our product line.


European Cosmetic Standards

Beauty by Code believes that using non-harmful ingredients and manufacturing processes should be standard in the beauty industry. We want to be in the forefront of ethical and sustainable practices in our research, sourcing, and production. What we put on our skin matters, as it impacts our health and the health of our environment.

Beauty by Code sources organic ingredients for our formulations whenever possible. We follow the European cosmetic standards and regulations for the clean beauty industry. We select only safe and effective synthetic ingredients and are proud of our products’ user testimonials. The raw materials for our product formulations are grown on American farms and our manufacturing is performed in the US as well.

We have an extensive and exhaustive list of ingredients that we refuse to use in our formulations. We put considerable research into eliminating each potentially harmful ingredient, so our products are safe and provide results according to high European standards. Our products do not contain coal tar products, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, and many other ingredients associated with negative health outcomes. We are proud of the purity of our carefully selected ingredients, our commitment to ethical sourcing, and ofour products’ promotion of healthy skincare in a safe manner.

Giving back

We consider the environment, as well as consumer health, in every decision we make. We use organic and natural ingredients whenever possible, and we refuse to participate in any form of animal testing.

Every year, we give a small percentage of our corporate profits to a charity that helps young girls attend school in developing countries. Our business model is built around the tenets of conscious capitalism and we believe that it is our privilege to use our skincare products to share joy and opportunity around the world. We have a long-term corporate goal of creating an entrepreneurial training school in Latin America for young women curious about the impact owning their own business can have on their families and their countries.

Best Seller

Beauty by Code

Tests to back up our claims

Beauty by Code products follow the strict standards of the European clean beauty industry and are tested accordingly. We have invested time and money in the research and development stage of our unique skincare product line. Our marketing literature quotes our consumer testing results, with independent laboratory verification double-checking our methods and calculations. The end result is a product line that you can trust.


Our happy testers

  • I've been in Beauty by Code's testing program for about 5 weeks now. I totally recommend their BHA toner. They have made changes based on feedback. The toner isn't sticky at all. #GlowingSkin #GreatResults

    Caroline M.


  • I participated as a beta tester for their labs. I tested the BHA toner and I am in love with the results. I experience occasional hormonal acne and my skin is clearer now. I have paid attention to my food also. My skin looks smoother around my chin area.

    Marie L.


  • I've been chosen to test Beauty by Code resurfacing pads (Glycolic acid blend). I am a combo skin type and my first fine lines are starting to show. This product gently resurfaced and visibly moistened my skin. It also lightened my dark spots.

    Julie D.



Beauty by Code formulations are developed in our main laboratories in Aquitaine and Paris, France. We manufacture our product line in the USA.

Our manufacturing lab is FDA approved for clean beauty standards and organic ingredient use. Our corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas, USA.


Our Story

Beauty by Code is the story of an e-commerce business that grew out of a $500 side-gig investment. When we arrived at the USA we were working at corporate jobs, but we dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs. We wanted to have a positive impact through running our own business.

After spending time to find the right niche in the beauty industry, our we realized that skincare products promising "for all skin types" weren't able to produce the best results. Deciding that it was the formulation of the products that was the key problem, we gathered a team and flew back to France to find out what the titans of the beauty industry could share.

Fast forward to today Beauty by Code has the perfect formulas, sourced carefully and tested for efficacy, and we are able to bring our product line to our customers through “Made in the USA” practices. By focusing on a dedicated and effective product line developed by our R&D chemists, we are able to use the highest-grade raw materials and to ensure all elements of our products are ethically sourced. Quality is our by-word and social responsibility is our future.

Beauty by Code was created for the woman who believes that her skincare products need to have formulations that are both effective and healthy.